Racing is on 12th November 2015

Looking towards Kumeu now the weather looks fantastic but there is supposed to be a front coming through and we have a chance of being rained on.

Be prepared and bring a jacket just in case but the racing is on!

Cheers.  Alan.

Thursday Night Race Results 5th Nov

OK final results are up.
Please check your times and potential start groups, If you have an issue either call or text 021901208, email or facebook message me.
There will be no discussions about groups at the check in table as we have a lot of people to register.

Click here for Season results

Thursday Race results 28.10.2015

Race results are up for the Individual Time Trial.

In this list you will see groups and workings.  Note that these groups may not be the same as last year.  Your grouping goes by time only.  Your time and speed dictates the group you will be in.

Please do not second guess the team at the registration desk, this wastes time and causes unnecessary stress. 

After the race if you feel you were in the wrong group you can email Catherine  to request a change.

Click here for Results page which will be updated weekly once results are collated.

Thursday Night Race begins with TT

Thursday night race season is upon us again starting Thursday 29th October.

Start time: 6:30pm Sharp!!  (registration from 5.30pm in the car park)

Start line & parking is at the Kumeu Community Centre     (toilet and changing facilities available in the hall but no cleats are to be worn inside)

Distance: 12km 1 lap Time Trial for the first race.   Thereafter it will be 26km 2 laps of 13km course.

This event is handicapped so suitable for all levels of cyclist from beginner to pro.

What we need

– entry fee

* $10 Members

* $15 Non Members

* $120 for a season pass for members only (18 races for the season)

– Marshalls – we need at least 4 marshalls per race, so if you’re free or know of someone interested, come along and watch the spectacle that is cyclists smashing it.

– Signed waivers – you will have to sign a waiver to enter, so come along a little earlier than normal.  (only your first ride )

View Course Map here

Cancellations: If the event is cancelled for any reason it will be posted on the home page and our Facebook no later than 4:30pm on Thursday.


Thursday Race Administrator Needed

Catherine and Jeff have been running Thursday night Races for Department of Cycling for over 5 years now and time has come for the mantle to be passed on.  We are looking for an individual / group of individuals who are keen to take over.

Below is a list of duties that are performed on a weekly basis during the race season.

Lead up to race day and on the day

  • Organise people into their groups by their times
  • Work out handicaps for groups
  • Print off paperwork for registration
  • Arrive, open up hall and have registration set up ready for 5.30pm
  • Register riders on race night
    • Take payment
    • put rider in group
  • Do a rider briefing
  • Call riders up to start line
  • Set riders off at their allocated handicap times
  • Wait at finish line with video camera until all riders are through
  • Pack up registration area
  • Go to the Pub


Post Race

  • Watch video and write down times for riders
  • Work out actual time without handicap
  • Record on google doc
  • Put results on facebook
  • Bank money from race

If you are interested or know someone who is please get in touch with Bernadette –

A huge thanks to Jeff and Catherine for all of the time and effort put in over the years of work and dedication to make this such an enjoyable event and we hope they manage to visit us on Thursday nights in the future for some racing fun.