Jafakids FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why can’t I join Jafakids in Term 2 or 3

A: Riding in the dark can be fun and will build on the skills of a rider, that have been taught over the summer months since the October muster. Riding in the dark poses a greater risk to riders, new riders aren’t familiar with the trails or hazards, they haven’t been taught the foundation skills to ride, and it’s very hard to demonstrate the correct technique in the dark. Often new riders don’t have all the required gear including suitable riding lights.¬† The best time to join us is when we hold our yearly muster in October, during the summer months we work hard on developing the skills of riders so they can ride and race trails safely.

Q: Can parents ride too?

A: Certainly – most of the groups have parents supporting the coaches and it can be valuable for newer Jafakids to have parental support – we also have a parents group that rides without kids and in Summer you’ll usually find a group of walkers too.

Q: What happens if I can’t make it every week?

A: We are relaxed about how often our Jafakids ride but for consistent improvement, you need to ride as often as possible – with us, and independently.